Our estate dispersal services are designed to help a family when they need it most.  Whether an entire house is to be liquidated or a unit in a retirement community, we can help minimize stress on a family by cleaning out any size estate. 

We begin by sorting through everything – every box, every drawer, every piece of clothing.  We often find things that have been missing for years – even safe deposit keys.  During the sorting process, we categorize to 1) distribute to family, 2) sell, 3) donate or 4) dispose.

We can then assist with selling items, whether that be coordinating an estate sale, delivering items to auction, or assist with selling minimal pieces on sites such as Craig’s List.  Choosing the best method of selling often depends on the timing.

We take pride in a green approach to removal of belongings.  It is important to dispose of items properly – chemicals, mattresses, old electronics & TVs, prescription drugs, as well as shredding of personal documents.

Recycling Badge

We also want to make sure that designated items are donated to charity (of choice) so that someone less fortunate may enjoy the items.

If needed, we can also obtain estimates from enhancement services providers (handyman, painting, flooring, landscaping) and schedule their services.  We can also schedule specific cleaning (general, carpet, window).