Wrap it, pack it, tape it


Sure you can hire movers to pack, but they won’t unpack!  That’s what sets us apart.  Packing coupled with unpacking, is our specialty.  We have procedures in place that greatly minimize the timing of this process.  When these services are combined, a move can be completed in as little as two days with minimal disruption to your routine.

We have all the supplies needed for each move…small, medium and large boxes, wardrobe boxes, bins for liquids, liquor boxes, bags, tape, markers, and even a cooler (to move the contents of the refrigerator).  In addition to bringing the supplies, we also remove them after everything is unpacked.  This is just one less thing to stress about during a move and it also allows you to feel comfortable in your new home immediately.

We take extra care of your belongings when packing.  We pack everything that is needed for your new place.

We also take great care and consideration when unpacking.  We try our best to set things up just as you had them, including the current book you’re reading set aside on your nightstand, and the contents of the curio cabinet set just as it was.  We even make the bed and set up the TV.  This is where attention to detail really comes into play.