Most seniors making a transition need to downsize considerably to move into a retirement community.  Years of accumulated memories and possessions simply cannot be accommodated and might not be needed in the new living space.  Questions and worries become overwhelming:

  • Who can they trust?
  • Where do they start?
  • How will they decide what to take?  What to donate? What needs to be thrown away?
  • What will they do with all of the belongings that they don’t need?

Hiring a senior move manager to facilitate all aspects of the move will help lessen the stress, reduce costly mistakes, and make the transition easier for everyone.  Senior move managers guide clients through a journey that’s often as much about sorting through a lifetime’s worth of memories as it is about possessions.  Senior move managers are ideal when:

  • Families are geographically dispersed and adult children are often not able to help with the moving process due to distance, career and family obligations.
  • Illness or death precipitates the move and family may already be drained both emotionally and physically.
  • Complex family dynamics prohibit the decision making.
  • Organization and physical tasks associated with such a move are overwhelming.

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